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Edinburgh-Places has been set up to deal solely with Edinburgh.
We will spend lots of time ensuring that appears high up in all the major search engines.
Although our initial thrust was in accommodation with our it soon became clear that this is a very cost effective for anyone to advertise their business in Edinburgh
Here again the news is good.
A standard ad with your name, address, phone fax & email address and a background colour of your choice
plus a small picture or drawing
plus a link to either your own home page or to a full advert ( more of this later ) with
plus a 10 point/line highlighting your best selling points
all for the measly sum of £100.00 per year.
This must be the best value advert you will ever have because we concentrate on Edinburgh...and that is where you are selling.

The following is an indication of what you get for your money.

Edinburgh - Royal Mile Art Centre - Scotland
xx Cannongate Edinburgh
phone +44 (0)131 666 6666 fax +44 (0)131 666 6667 e-mail: An Email address is not necessary but it is cheap & lots of fun
  • This is your decision so make it good
  • These are your sales lines
  • The information you supply
  • ( up to 10 lines of sales pitch )
  • will go in here to attract
  • the eye of the surfing populace
  • Its easy to think of 10 lines of blurb
  • The hard part is limiting yourself
  • (but then that true of life in genreal)
  • All your spiel must be accurate.
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The above has to be the best spent one hundred pounds anywhere.
We have not yet become fully electronic & so we cannot accept credit card payments but if you are interested please email your details to

We will set you up before we ask you to part with a penny.
Crazy or Confident....only time will tell.
However you will be added to our list in the order that you join up.
This means that the sooner you send us your information the closer to the top of the list you get listed

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