The Royal Mile Tavern was built on this site in the early 1800s following a fire which destroyed the original tenement block.
At the height of the fire the building collapsed, trapping many families inside. A rescue mission ensued to release the trapped victims. With all know people accounted for the rescuers decided to call off the search for any more survivors.
As they were leaving the site a faint cry was heard
"Heave awa' lads, am no deid yet!"
Following more digging a young boy by the name of Jamie McGregor was pulled free of the rubble.
Please take a seat. We will be pleased to serve you at your table
Soup Of the Day
Freshly prepared served with fresh bread and butter
Smoked Salmon
Thinly sliced smoked salmon with lemon and fresh bread and butter
Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
Spicy chicken pieces with a peanut marinade
Prawn Cocktail
Prawns served on shredded iceberg lettuce smothered with seafood sauce and served with fresh bread and lemon
Speciality of the House
Royal Mile Mussels
Mussels cooked in white wine, onion, garlic and cream
served in a large bowl with fresh bread to mop up the sauce
Available as a starter £2.95or as a main course£6.85
Salmon on Champ*
Grilled salmon on creamy mashed potatoes and spring onion
Salmon Tail with Lemon Butter
Grilled tail fillet with Lemon and Parsley butter
Cod & Brocolli Mornay*
Cod & brocolli in a creamy sauce served with chips and side salad
Fish & Chips*
Large cod fillet cooked in our own beer batter served with chips
Tuna Steak with Lime & Ginger
Grilled tuna steak flavoured with lime & ginger
Haddock Bernaise*
Fillet of haddock in a Bernaise sauce, served on a bed of bubble and squeak
Main Courses & Grills
All our main courses are served with a choice of potatoes
and vegetables of the day,or side salad ( unless indicated *)
Haggis & Neeps*
Served in the traditional Scottish way
8 oz Sirloin Steak
Tender, succulent sirloin of beef, grilled to your liking
and may be served with your choice of sauce
8oz Gammon Steak
Grilled prime gammon served with either egg or pinapple
Lemon Chicken
Tender butterfly chicken breast served in a tangy lemon sauce
Minted Lamb Steak
Loin of lamb steak, marinated in mint grilled and
served with tomate,mushroom and onion ring garnish
6oz Fillet Steak
Tender fillet steak, grilled to your liking
and may be served with your choice of sauce
Choose either Diane, pepper or garlic and mushroom sauce
Pasta & Vegetarian
Three Cheese Pasta & Broccoli Bake*
Broccoli florets in a creamy sauce with pasta, garlic bread and side salad
Roasted Pepper Lasagne*
Red peppers, pasta, vegetables & cheese sauce with garlic bread and side salad
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni
Pasta filled with spinach and ricottaa served in a rich
tomatoe and herb sauce, with garlic bread and side salad
Please see our Chalkboard for
A sselection of freshly made Teas & Coffee is always available

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