Edinburgh Placestoeat with with Chinese Cuisine

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Lune Town 38 William Street 220 1688 Sorry no links as yet
PingOn 26-32 Deanhaugh Street 332 3621
Caribbean Connection 3 Grove Street 228 1345
Smoke Stack 53-55 Broughton Street 556 6032
Bamboo Garden 57a Frederick Street 225 2382
The Dragons Way 74/78 South Clerk Street 668 1328
The Great wall 105/109 Lothian Road 229 7595
Jasmine 32 Grindlay Street 229 5757
Kweilin 19-21 Dundas Street 557 1875
Orchid Chinese Restaurant 33 Castle Terrace 229 1181
Orchid Lodge 15a Castle Street 226 2505
Unicorn Inn 112 St Stephen Street 220 4799
Peking Palace Restaurant 38-39 Elm Row 0800 328 0275

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