Edinburgh's PlacestoEat with Scottish Cuisine

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A Room in The Town 18 Howe Street 225 8204 Sorry no links available
Abbotsford Restaurant 3 Rose Street 225 5276
Acanthus Cafe Bar 17 Waverley Bridge 556 2358
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Burns Ale Hse & Bistro 7 Bernard Street 0800 458 5770
Craigs Restaurant Leith Street 556 0111
Doric Tavern Market Street 229 9119
Dubh Prais 123b high Street 557 5732
Haldanes 39a Albany Street 556 8407
Jacksons 209 High Street 225 1793
Merchants 17 Merchant Street 225 4009
Peevers 167 Rose Street 225 1546
Peters Cellar 11-13 William Street 226 3161
Randolphs 9 Randolph Place 225 8678
Stac Polly 8/10 Grindlay Street 0800 458 6060
Stat Polly 29-33 Dublin Street 0800 458 6055
Sweet Melinda's 11 Roseneath Street 229 7953
Topiary at the Grange 8 Whitehouse Terrace 667 5681
Tower The Museum of Scotland 225 3003
Wee Windaes 144 High Street 225 5144
Witchery By The Castle 352 Castlehill 2255613

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