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Edinburgh-folk.co.uk and Edinburgh-Places.co.uk have been set up by Greig Consultancy to allow the good folk of Edinburgh to promote the social side of their lives, and to advertise their business on the Internet at a very reasonable rate.
Prices start from £20.00 plus vat to place an ad for a birthday, birth our any message of congratulations and from only £30.00 plus vat per year to advertise your business.
The ads for birthdays etc are just for fun but we will keep them online from the day you specify for 1 month and they will appear on the Edinburgh-folk.co.uk web site. If this is your main interest press here please find out how to proceed.
If you are an Edinburgh business and want to promte your business on he internet please read on.
If you dont know why you are here and are completely lost may I suggest the following site press here for a little guidance.
If you are still reading this you should be someone who is interested in promoting their business on the internet ( or our competitors wondering how we do it ).
We will do our best to promote your business from within Edinburgh-Places.co.uk or if appropriate the Edinburgh-folk.co.uk web sites.
As the internet is a very active & growing medium the more prescence you have on the internet the more chance you have of getting people to access your site and therefore, potentially your business.
Many people have their own sites already set up and we are quite happy to put in a small ad and a link to their own site. This increases their prescence on the web for a very low cost.
For those who do not have their own sites and have neither the time nor inclination to set one up for themselves we can undertake to do this for you.
As part of the service provided by Greig Consultancy we will setup a site for you, approximately 2 sides of A4 pages in size, with 2 photographs and a logo and host it on either Edinburgh-Places.co.uk or Edinburgh-folk.co.uk
We will scan your photos, help you with your logo, and basically assist you with all aspects of your webpage.
The cost for this service is £100.00 plus vat per year.

If your needs are greater than this then we can accommodate you on a pro-rata basis ( ie £50.00 plus vat every 1 side of A4 {or part thereof} ). Any pictures will be kept to what we consider to be a reasonable size. This is not because we grudge the space but mearly to assist with download times. If you really need a large image we can of course accommodate you.

Your initial setup is basically done free and you are paying just for the advertising space.
The rates are the same if you want us to build you a website that you then take to be hosted elsewhere but we obviously hope to keep you with us.

It should be noted that you will be added to our list in the order that you join up.
This means that the sooner you send us your information the closer to the top of the index list you get positioned.

Signup during our 1st year ( ie 2000 ) and we will do your first year for half price.
Thats rights we will start you off with a basic add & link for only £15.00 plus vat for your first year or 2 page site with photographs for only £50.00 plus vat for your 1st year.

If you have any enquiries please direct your emails to queries@edinburgh-folk.co.uk

Webmasters please press to find out advertising details (thats you if you are responsible for your web site )

We hope you find this site useful and we would be obliged if you remember to mention Edinburgh Places in any correspondance

A list & some links to Edinburgh's best eating places. Ranges from sandwiches to haute cuisine. Something to suite the carnivores, vegitarians & vegans.
A list of the traditional, trendy, real ale, noisy, quiet, student, poser, bars in Edinburgh
This contains a list of night clubs, theatres, casinos, pools, gyms, saunas, solariums,music halls, football pitches, sports complexes etc etc
From rare art and antiques to dog collars for mastifs (alternative attire). A growing list of Edinburgh's shopping opportunities
A list of hotels, guest houses, budget & backpackers hostels
A list of places, with photographs, to visit in Edinburgh and were possible links to their individual site.
A list of places to worship and if relevant their service times
A list of places that are for sale
A list of places that are looking for employees
A list of qualified tradesmen advertising their skills on the internet

If you have a business in Edinburgh and we have missed you out of our free listings it is only through oversite. Please email us with your details if you would like to be included to includes@edinburgh-folk.co.uk

This is a Homepages to your specification site