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Our thanks to big Al Macpherson for sending in this one. I you would like to contact him please send me your details and I will pass them on.

P7 Balgreen School 1963
Details are a bit sketchy but then it was a wee while ago. Here is what Alistair can remember:-
Back row :
Ian Morrison, David ?, James Petherick, Colin Scott, Alastair MacPherson, ?, ?, Richard?, James Gausden, Alan Little, Raymond Finnie
Standing : Marilyn Kaye, ?, Patricia Watson, Sylvia Gove, ?, ?, ?, ?, Norma Hair, Louise?
Sitting : ?, Irene?, ?, ?, Angela Granton,?, ?, Lily Savoury, ?
In front: ?, Graeme Hogg, Jackie?, James Turnbull, Bobby Crawford

Come on former and current pupils.
There must be loads of other photographs floating around.
If you send them to us ( preferably with names of the people in the picture if possible ) we promise to return them to you and give you the credit.
We would be happy ( even prefer ) if you emailed the photos and information to us

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