A Guide to EDINBURGH's Placestodance

Edinburgh's dance halls are not only for the young trendies who listen to stuff with lots of base & cymbols and 150 beats per minute ( although there are lots of those ) but there are also dance halls that do 'oldies' like the 80's music & some even earlier for the crinklies among us
In fact there are some places that are introducing Tea Dances again and so there should be something here to please the good movers and shakers of all ages & tastes.

Omni, 1 Greenside Place, Edinburgh
With a 3am license, there is great music and DJs 7 nights a week which guarantees a non-stop party atmosphere. One of the main attractions of Mood is Thursday evenings-live music programme. Mood offers top quality live acts from across Britain.

Happy to add other place if details are supplied.
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