Golf Club

Mortonhall 15th Hole

You can now view the rest of Mortonhall. Just follow the links to see each hole in turn.

The 1st Hole

the Kyber

The 2nd Hole

The Moorfoots

The 3rd Hole

The Buckstone

The 4th Hole

The Poet's Walk

The 5th Hole

The Avenue

The 6th Hole

The Pines

The 7th Hole

TThe Knowe

The 8th Hole

The Cottage

The 9th Hole

The Neuk

The 10th Hole

The Plantation

The 11th Hole

The Gate

The 12th Hole

The Meadowhead

The 13th Hole

Trotter's Wood

The 14th Hole

The Dyke

The 15th Hole

The Braid Hills

The 16th Hole

The Quarry

The 17th Hole

The Elphin

The 18th Hole

The Warren

The clubhouse The Bars
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